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Interpretive Hike: South Broken Boyfriend Trail

 11/06/2021  |  09:00 AM - 01:00 PM
  Arkansas Headwaters Recreation Area  |  Registration Required

Special Events - All Ages

See linked document for full description of this hike. We begin the hike on very moderate grades of the Midland Hill Summit Trail #6032 as we follow the trail east 0.2 mile to the intersection with the North and South Broken Boyfriend trails. We follow the Midland Summit and S. Broken Boyfriend trails for about 0.1 mile to where the S. Broken Boyfriend Trail branches to the south. We hike through beautiful open Foothills forest and on/over/around and through beautiful Granodiorite boulders and ledges, working our way at about a mile to a ridgetop and the highest point on our hike. This ridge has one of the more impressive RR cuts through it just to the west below us. The trail now drops through mostly meadow with outstanding views to a crossing of CR 304 at about 1.5 miles. At this point, we connect with the Camp Elevation Trail where we continue mostly toward the north and west toward Buena Vista. This next section of the hike is through Foothills forest with beautiful boulders and ledges and great views. At 2.0 and 2.2 miles, we cross two interesting major drainages and continue down now toward the Arkansas River to meet the Bridge-to-Bridge trail at 2.95 miles. We hike north on the Bridge-to-Bridge Trail through beautiful boulders and ledges where we will at some point stop for lunch. After lunch, we continue north to the intersection with the South Trail at 3.2 miles and our lowest elevation section at 8015 feet. Finally, we complete the loop hike by taking the South Trail east up through the Foothills forest, first more steeply and, then, at a more relaxed grade to CR 304 and our vehicles.

Maximum Participants: 10

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