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Get Involved: Colorado Natural Areas Program

Become part of an enthusiastic community that shares your passion. Volunteers are critical in all parts of Colorado Natural Areas Program. Volunteer today!

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Colorado Natural Areas Steward

There are 95 designated Natural Areas in Colorado! Volunteers visit an assigned Natural Area, preferably during the growing season, at least once a year but more often if desired. Volunteers observe and record conditions on site including, but not limited to, human impacts, animal impacts, natural event impacts, observations of flora and fauna, and weeds. Retake photo-monitoring points at the same location each year and submit these to staff. Take pictures of rare plants/animals, erosion areas, impacts from animals or humans, infestations of weeds or other management concerns. Follow all access instructions provided by CNAP staff, which may require carrying a permit and contacting the landowner or manager before visits. If any management concerns are observed, volunteers will notify CNAP staff who will contact the appropriate land owner/manager. Volunteers will fill out the provided field form and submit with pictures to CNAP staff by December of each year. Report may include species lists if the steward is inclined. Volunteer should try to attend meetings and training events.
Time Commitment:
Volunteers commit to making at least one visit per year, but are welcome to visit more often. The time spent will vary depending on Natural Area location and where the volunteer lives - you may spend a few hours to many days including overnight stays. We prefer that our volunteers commit to visiting their site annually for at least three years.
Volunteer Benefits:
Volunteers will develop skills as a naturalist and will get to see firsthand some of the most special, senstitive, and scenic places in the state of Colorado. Volunteers benefit from knowing that they are playing a crucial role in the ongoing monitoring

Ready to get involved?

Contact Colorado Natural Area Program, dnr_cnap@state.co.us, (303) 291-7267 or apply online to become a volunteer.