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Get Involved: Vega State Park

Become part of an enthusiastic community that shares your passion. Volunteers are critical in all parts of Vega State Park. Volunteer today!

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Special Projects

Special Projects may include but are not limited to: Writing and developing outdoor interpretive signs for self-guiding trails or roadside exhibits; recruiting other volunteers; photographing or video taping park programs, special events, visitors, or resources; assisting in planning volunteer recognition or social events; training other volunteers; providing equipment, donated funds, or expertise on special projects; designing and creating puppets, historical costumes, and more.
Time Commitment:
Volunteer Benefits:
Share your passion for planning projects, design, and expertise on varied special projects.

Ready to get involved?

Contact Kyle Compton, kyle.compton@state.co.us, (970) 487-3407 or apply online to become a volunteer.