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Get Involved: Eldorado Canyon State Park - Eldo Trail, Stewardship, Maintenance Volunteers

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Eldo Trail, Stewardship, Maintenance Volunteers


If you want to help take care of Eldorado Canyon, stewardship volunteering is the place for you. We monitor and control invasive weeds, improve forest health, build and maintain trails, and help keep facilities clean and safe for visitors. All ability and fitness levels are welcome. 

Time Commitment:

The time commitment varies. For trail projects, you can help for a day, or a week, or a month, ... For ongoing projects like invasive weed mapping and removal, we'll train you and then you can volunteer as you have time. For opportunities like facilities maintenance or volunteer wrangling, we're looking for a steady commitment in order to make the best use of your time and ours.

Volunteer Benefits:

The main benefit of stewardship volunteering at Eldorado Canyon is seeing long-lasting, positive impacts on the land and the park's visitors. It's an amazing feeling to build a trail and know that thousands of people will have a safer, happier day in the park; see native species bloom after invasive weeds are removed, or know that the park's forests are healthier and more resilient. There is a lot of hands-on training available for those ready to learn.

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Eldorado Canyon State Park

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