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Get Involved: Ridgway State Park - Special Projects

A staff member and volunteer are on a boat taking notes on data sheets.

Special Projects


Do you have a specialized expertise, skill, or interest that you would like to share with Ridgway State Park? If so please contact us and share your ideas. We are always willing to discuss any potential volunteer projects on the park.

In the past we have worked with many talented people that have offered assistance and expertise on many special projects and assisted with building and maintaining many of the programs run by Ridgway State Park.


In the past Special Interest / Program Support volunteers have:

  • Completed research projects
  • Completed Eagle Scout projects
  • Worked on park photography and completed other art projects
  • Assisted with water quality monitoring
  • Completed and assisted with fish & wildlife biology projects
  • Assisted with the park recycling program
  • Completed, assisted, and provided technical guidance on weed, forestry, GIS, geology, mapping, and historical projects
  • Helped with public safety and awareness issues
  • Assisted with boating, snowmobiling, and OHV safety and registration programs
  • Provided training or other technical assistance to park staff and other volunteers
  • Assisted with special events.
Time Commitment:

May through Labor Day. Other dates depending on project needs.

Ridgway State Park

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