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Get Involved: Ridgway State Park - Citizen Science

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Citizen Science


Ridgway State Park values the data collection needed to know about current flora and fauna populations at the park. Butterfly monitoring happens annually April-September to capture which butterfly species are migrating and how many are passing through. You would be assigned a monitoring station at the park.

Bird banding happens each September for two weeks and is part of the Audubon's national research. The park hosts school groups during bird banding and at times gives educational training to elementary to high school aged students to participate in the research. Training will be provided. No prior experience needed. 

Time Commitment:

Butterfly monitoring is 1 day a week for less than 30 mins April- Sept. 

Bird banding is 6-8 hours in September. Volunteer for a day or multiple days in a two week period. 

Volunteer Benefits:

Contribute to citizen science and stewardship.

General - Data Entry and Management, Customer Service - Customer Service/Visitor Information, General - Ongoing Volunteering, Wildlife - Wildlife Biology/Surveys, Education - Education and Outreach, Outdoors and Community Science - Bird Watching, Wildlife - Wildlife, Outdoors and Community Science - Butterfly Monitoring, Education - Naturalist/Interpretive Programs
Wildlife Biology/Management, Education, Outreach, or Interpretation, Bird ID, Research
Ridgway State Park

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