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State Parks NatureFinder

Help collect data on the biodiversity of state parks! iNaturalist is a mobile app and online network where you can record what you see in nature, meet other nature enthusiasts, and learn about the natural world. The Resource Stewardship Program at CPW manages the State Parks NatureFinder project, which provides volunteers, staff, and visitors the opportunity to assist in ecological monitoring. To participate, simply download the free iNaturalist app on your mobile device or visit iNaturalist.org to set up a free account, then join the State Park NatureFinder project by visiting https://www.inaturalist.org/projects/state-parks-naturefinder and clicking "Join this project" in the upper right corner. Observations or identifications need to be within the boundaries of a Colorado State Park. State Parks NatureFinder Project Terms & Rules: - Remember to always be respectful of wildlife and keep these viewing and photography guidelines in mind. By following these guidelines you are helping promote conservation of wildlife and their habitats, as well as the safety of yourself and others! - Wildlife should be viewed/photographed from a safe and respectful distance. - Use binoculars, spotting scopes, zoom lenses, and viewing blinds to avoid disturbing species. - Avoid getting close to nests or dens - your presence can disturb breeding and alert predators to nest/den locations. - Never post locations of nests/dens. - Stay on trails and roads, tread lightly, and leave plants and animals where you find them. - Do not use recorded animal calls to attract wildlife. - If an animal shows any sign of stress, move away. - Keep pets on leash at all times. - Do not feed wildlife.
Time Commitment:
Flexible. Volunteers can count 1 hour for every 4 observations or every 8 identifications made within the State Parks NatureFinder project on iNaturalist.
Volunteer Benefits:
Help collect data on the biodiversity of state parks! Get outside and observe plants, animals, and fungi! Help Colorado Parks and Wildlife document biodiversity in our state parks and earn volunteer hours by submitting photos of plants, animals, and fungi
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