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Get Involved: Hatcheries - Roaring Judy Hatchery Host

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Roaring Judy Hatchery Host


The Roaring Judy Fish Hatchery covers 783 acres, including two miles of the East River and four fishing ponds. The majority of the property is dedicated to wildlife habitat and includes amazing opportunities for wildlife viewing, fishing, and hiking.


Our volunteer hosts live on-site and:

  • Provide hatchery tours to the public.
  • Assist visitors with questions about the hatchery property.
  • Maintain hatchery grounds, including but not limited to: mowing, weed whacking, landscaping, planting and watering flowers, picking up trash, maintaining trails and way finding signs, cleaning the visitor center, and some equipment maintenance.
  • Hosts may also assist with fish culture work when staff is shorthanded.

Public speaking/good communication skills, landscaping, and equipment maintenance would all be beneficial, but not required.

Elevation: 8,200 ft

Looking for 1 host for the 2024 season. Couples/pairs are invited to apply. Hosts are permitted to have pets.

Time Commitment:

20 hours per person per week, late May/early June - early September.

Minimum time commitment: 2 months

Desired time commitment: 3 months

Schedule: 4 hours per day, 5 days per week, 2 consecutive days off per week. May be required to volunteer on weekends and holidays.

Volunteer Benefits:

Amazing location that is quiet and secluded. Surrounded by opportunities in the Gunnison Valley to explore the outdoors. Gain experience working at a hatchery. Great opportunity to give back and be apart of enhancing and conserving Colorado's fisheries.


In exchange for volunteer service, you receive a free campsite with water, sewage, electric (30 and 50 amp), and cell service. Water and sewage must be hauled a short distance on the hatchery property. The host site location is very private and secluded. The views from the campsite are spectacular.

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Roaring Judy Hatchery

Ready to get involved?

Apply online to become a volunteer.

Questions? Contact Seth Firestone
(970) 641-0190