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Get Involved: Roxborough State Park - Park Maintenance

Five volunteers using tools to build a trail and new bridge

Park Maintenance


Protect our natural and cultural resources by helping maintain the facilities and grounds. The most popular Park Maintenance positions are:

  • Trails Team - building new trails in the park, as well as maintaining and trimming all existing trails.
  • Weed Warriors - manually remove invasive and noxious weeds in the park to protect the natural landscape.
  • Garden Maintenance - curate and maintain the native garden on the patio of the Visitor Center.
Time Commitment:

These positions are low to medium time commitment as additional training is normally required so that volunteers are safe to lead projects in a group or on their own. The majority of volunteer time will be May-October.

Volunteer Benefits:

Maintenance work allows you to immediately see all of the work and improvements you have helped with. We have new trails and natural habitats thanks to our volunteers!


Park Maintenance work is entirely physical and generally involves hiking trails. Volunteers would be expected to lift and handle various tools.

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Roxborough State Park