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Get Involved: Cherry Creek State Park - Aquatic Nuisance Species (ANS) Inspector

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Aquatic Nuisance Species (ANS) Inspector


A customer service based position that involves inspecting for invasive Zebra/Quagga Mussels, Milfoil or other noxious species on boats and personal watercraft at an inspection point on the park. This is an important position for the protection of natural resources from non-native species that threaten wildlife, drinking water/irrigation and all water related outdoor recreation in the State of Colorado.

Specific volunteer responsibilities may include:

  • Serve in the park ANS (aquatic nuisance species) inspection station.
  • Conduct physical boat inspections and boater interviews.
  • Provide information and assistance to the boating public (distributes brochures, promotes ANS education, educates about State Park regulations, etc.)
  • Cleaning and light maintenance duties of interior and exterior of ANS inspection areas, including maintenance of facilities and grounds.
  • Accurate counting and recording of all boat inspections.
  • Photo-copying and filing.
  • May document and report visitor complaints.
  • Other responsibilities as assigned.


  • Must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Must possess and maintain a valid drivers' license and provide a current motor vehicle report.
  • Must be able to volunteer outdoors and on weekends, holidays, and varied shifts.
  • Must be able to climb in and out of vessels and under trailers.
  • Training in boat inspection methods will be provided.
  • May need to undergo criminal background investigation.
  • Possess strong interpersonal communication skills (written and oral).
  • Daily interaction with park visitors requires effective communication and public relations skills.
  • Ability to volunteer with little supervision.
  • May be required to serve at the ANS station for an 8 hour shift and take lunch at the station.


  • The position will perform physical activities that require considerable use of arms and legs, as well as whole body movement. These activities include but are not limited to climbing, lifting, balancing, walking, stooping and handling materials.
  • Ability to discern color differences and to hear in-person and radio communications is required.

This volunteer opportunity does not offer on-park housing. This means that the applicant lives in or around the area and will commute to the park for their volunteer service.

Time Commitment:

Regular commitment for scheduling purposes

Volunteer Benefits:

Allows you to get outside and chat with boaters about anything ranging from boat operation to the best fishing spots! Learn a lot about boats! Learn all about aquatic nuisance species!

Education - Ambassador, Customer Service - Greet and Orient Visitors, Wildlife - Aquatic Biology/Surveys, Customer Service - Customer Service/Visitor Information, Outdoors and Community Science - Boating
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