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Get Involved: Lake Pueblo State Park - Boat Safety Ambassadors

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Boat Safety Ambassadors


This volunteer role is a public outreach effort to share boating safety information, best practices, rules, and regulations with park visitors. While personal boating experience is not necessary, the desire to learn the rules and educate others on boat safety is!

Reports indicate that over 3,000 injuries, and 767 deaths occurred in 2020 due to boating accidents. Our goal is to decrease that number and help our visitors enjoy the waters of CO safely!

Time Commitment:

Outreach efforts will take place over weekends and holidays when the park is at its busiest. 

Volunteer Benefits:

We hope that this outreach effort will literally SAVE LIVES, reduce other water-related injuries, and help our visitors to have a more enjoyable time on the water!


Learn More: Boating Safety Resources

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