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Get Involved: Colorado Springs (Area 14) - Area Assistance

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Area Assistance


Assist Colorado Springs area staff with wildlife surveys, habitat improvement, carcass transport, and miscellaneous projects.

Time Commitment:

As Needed

Volunteer Benefits:

Gain experience for those wanting a career in wildlife management.

Special Projects - Committees and Councils, General - One Day Projects, Habitat and Trail Work - Clean-Up Projects, Wildlife - Wildlife Viewing, Wildlife - Wildlife Biology/Surveys, Outdoors and Community Science - Hunting, Education - Education and Outreach, Special Projects - Volunteer Program Assistance, Habitat and Trail Work - Habitat Improvement/Restoration, Education - Responsible Human-Wildlife Interaction, Maintenance and Construction - Maintenance and Construction, Maintenance and Construction - Equipment Repairs, General - Ongoing Volunteering, Wildlife - Wildlife, Education - Firearm Practice and Safety
Colorado Springs (Area 14) Office

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Apply online to become a volunteer.

Questions? Contact Jeanette Lara
(719) 227-5204