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Established by statute in 1977, the Colorado Natural Areas Program is a statewide program focused on the recognition and protection of areas that contain at least one unique or high-quality natural feature of statewide significance.

The Colorado Natural Areas Program, working with interested landowners and dedicated volunteers, helps to conserve Colorado’s best places well into the future. To date, more than 250 rare, threatened or endangered species and communities are monitored and cooperatively protected at 95 designated sites in Colorado, with more in the works. Natural areas are found on public or private land and are designated through land management agreements with landowners. CNAP is the only statewide program within Colorado that provides a system for recognizing these unique natural places. 


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Accepting Applications for the following Volunteer Types:

CNAP relies on a dedicated force of volunteers to help with annual monitoring at State Natural Areas. Please note, we only onboard new volunteers between the months of January-April so staff have time to onboard volunteers and provide site information ahead of the summer field season. Feel free to apply at any time throughout the year, just know that we will likely ask to put you on a waitlist until the recruitment season. Also, we typically have very few sites open in need of stewards, so will not be able to place all applicants. Thank you for your interest in our program!


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