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The park is a mosaic of low grasslands, rocky foothills, soaring granite cliffs, and lush stream
corridors. Dramatic Elk Falls drops nearly 100 feet into North Elk Creek and spectacular Lions
Head stands tall as the park’s rocky sentry. The Staunton Ranch is the heart of the park. Later acquisitions expanded the park to approximately 3,918 acres. These include the historic Elk Falls, Davis Ranches, property owned by former Colorado State Senator Alan Dines and by Mary Coyle Chase, Colorado’s first Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright and author of “Harvey.” 

The outstanding features at Staunton include rugged rock outcroppings, lush grassy meadows, rolling hillsides forested with conifers and aspens, and a dramatic waterfall. Numerous streams wind through the park, contributing to the biodiversity and natural beauty of the area. With the abundant natural resources available, it is no wonder that deer, elk, bears, mountain lions, coyotes and bobcats call Staunton State Park home.


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