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Get Involved: Lory State Park - Butterfly Monitoring Lead

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Butterfly Monitoring Lead

Since 2013 Lory State Park has participated in a long-term community science project that monitors butterfly populations in various locations throughout Colorado. Lory State Park has two trails certified by the Butterfly Pavilion in Denver. Join our butterfly monitoring team and learn how to Identify local butterflies, learn about them and collect data. This volunteer opportunity is only available from May through September or October, depending on the first freeze. This opportunity requires a six month commitment with a weekly schedule. Training is provided to all monitors. Lead Monitor Requirements: - Willing to lead the weekly monitoring survey and other volunteers. - Able to identify local butterflies quickly. - Able to record collected data. - Able to monitor on a weekly schedule. - Able to hike 2 miles in 2 hours.
Time Commitment:
May - September or October. A 6-month commitment with a weekly schedule is required.
Outdoors and Community Science - Butterfly Monitoring, Special Projects - Volunteer Program Assistance, General - Ongoing Volunteering, Outdoors and Community Science - Hiking
Lory State Park

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