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Get Involved: Southeast Region Outreach - NASP Archery Instructor

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NASP Archery Instructor

Volunteer archery instructors teach students archery using the National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP) curriculum. This utilizes international-style target archery, focusing on steps that are safe and encourage success. Archery events for CPW include structured classes within the schools or school programs at other locations. Volunteer instructors usually serve as a team with other instructors.
Time Commitment:
7 hour training to become a certified BAI instructor. Event times may vary, but typically take place during weekdays.
Volunteer Benefits:
Experience the joy of someone's first bullseye by sharing your own shooting skills.
Education - Teach Archery Skills, Customer Service - Customer Service/Visitor Information, Education - Teach Children, Education - Teach Adults, Education - Education and Outreach, Customer Service - Greet and Orient Visitors
Colorado Springs (Area 14) Office

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