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Get Involved: Sweitzer Lake State Park - Special Projects

A man uses a metal detector at a park.

Special Projects

  • Write and develop outdoor interpretive signs for self-guiding trails or roadside exhibits.
  • Recruit other volunteers. Photograph or video tape park programs, special events, visitors, or resources.
  • Assist in planning volunteer recognition or social events.
  • Train other volunteers. Provide equipment, donated funds, or expertise on special projects.
  • Design and create puppets, historical costumes, and more.
Time Commitment:

The amount of time required to complete a project.

Special Projects - Photography, Customer Service - Greet and Orient Visitors, Special Projects - Volunteer Program Assistance, Customer Service - Sell Passes, Licenses, Gifts, Special Projects - Assist with Special Events, Customer Service - Customer Service/Visitor Information, Special Projects - Videography, Customer Service - Marketing and Advertising, General - Writing and Editing
Sweitzer Lake State Park

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