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Get Involved: Sweitzer Lake State Park - Special Projects

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Special Projects

Write and develop outdoor interpretive signs for self-guiding trails or roadside exhibits. Recruit other volunteers. Photograph or video tape park programs, special events, visitors, or resources. Assist in planning volunteer recognition or social events. Train other volunteers. Provide equipment, donated funds, or expertise on special projects. Design and create puppets, historical costumes, and more.
Time Commitment:
The amount of time required to complete a project.
Special Projects - Photography, Customer Service - Greet and Orient Visitors, Special Projects - Volunteer Program Assistance, Customer Service - Sell Passes, Licenses, Gifts, Special Projects - Assist with Special Events, Customer Service - Customer Service/Visitor Information, Special Projects - Videography, Customer Service - Marketing and Advertising, General - Writing and Editing
Sweitzer Lake State Park

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