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Get Involved: Hunter Outreach - Statewide - Senior Hunt Lead

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Senior Hunt Lead


Senior Hunt Leads assist in management of the program by serving on policy boards, providing recommendations for program improvement and assisting with instruction of student Hunter Outreach Volunteers. To become eligible for Senior Hunt Lead, a Hunt Lead volunteer must have organized and run a minimum of five hunts/events as a Hunt Lead. They must also have taught a minimum of one skills clinic/seminar, or a Hunt Support volunteer Course and be certified as in instructor in a minimum of two skills disciplines. He/she must then be formally recommended by a current Senior Hunt Leads. The recommendation will then be sent to and voted on by the rest of the Senior Hunt Leads. If approved, the State or Regional Outreach Coordinator will then give final approval based upon the recommendations and the performance of the Hunt Lead in the field.

Time Commitment:


Special Projects - Committees and Councils, Outdoors and Community Science - Hunting, General - Ongoing Volunteering

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