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A popular watchable wildlife area, Mueller is home to abundant wildlife including elk, black bear, hawks, and mule deer.

Mueller State Park has over 5,000 acres of spring-fed meadows, forested ridges and massive rocks of Pikes Peak Granite with several ponds that dot the landscape.

The park supports a variety of plant-life ranging from native grasses and wildflowers to stands of spruce, fir, pine and aspen.  Along with the elk, mule deer and bears, many small mammals and birds share the park's habitat.

Visitors can enjoy year-round recreational opportunities including camping, picnicking, trail use, fishing and nature studies.  Winter activities include sledding, snowshoeing and cross country skiing.  

Every season is a photographers delight. 

Mueller State Park welcomes leashed pets in campgrounds, picnic areas and on the paved roads, but not on the hiking trails or in the backcountry. By keeping pets off of the trails, we increase the chances of visitors seeing the various species of wildlife in the park and are better able to maintain this pristine Watchable Wildlife Area. 

Come up today and enjoy Mueller State Park!

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  Saturday, 27 April 2024 |   12:00 PM | Mueller State Park

The next gen group will hike along the Cheeseman Ranch Trail to some of the bird nesting boxes set up on the park. We will collect info on current conditions of the boxes, if any birds are seen in or around it, and discuss how tracking this info h...

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