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Get Involved: Education - Colorado Birding Trail Project

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Colorado Birding Trail Project

Update, maintain, and verify the integrity of the information contained in the online Colorado Birding Trail Website. Responsibilities include: verify and update outdated information, add new information, upload and add photos, write blogs and/or articles, and conduct site visits to check trail conditions, accessibility, and take photos for the website.
Time Commitment:
8 hours per month is preferred; however, that is flexible.
Volunteer Benefits:
Volunteers will receive training on Word Press, the software used to maintain the online Birding Trail website and will be involved with keeping the Birding Trail updated. Volunteers will have the opportunity to write blogs and articles to help guide and provide information to new Colorado Birders. Volunteers will have the opportunity to conduct site visits to check on current trail conditions, accessibility, signage, and if desired to take photos to upload on the website. Volunteers can earn hours towards annual recognition.
Special Projects - Website, General - Writing and Editing, General - Computers and Technology, Customer Service - Administrative/Office Support, General - Data Entry and Management

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