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Get Involved: Arkansas Headwaters Recreation Area - Trail Data Collection

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Trail Data Collection


Love animals, plants, rocks, or history?  Enjoy biking, hiking, or fishing?  Good at finding and describing accessibility challenges?

Help us in our goal to create a trails description document. Take a hike on one of our trails, collect data on the things you love to do and look at, and help us create a short description of what others may experience on the trail.  (Just a few sentences are all we need!)

Information like trail slope and grade, restroom measurements, and what there is to see or do on a trail can help folks with disabilities (and anyone, really) make decisions about where and how they recreate.

Time Commitment:

Varies, depending on the trail(s) you choose to hike.  One day or less.  (Unless you'd like to hike multiple trails!)

Volunteer Benefits:

Enjoy a nice day hike and earn some volunteer hours.  Help others by sharing information that will help them pick a hike suitable to their needs.  Teach someone new information or encourage them to see something new on their adventures.


Accessibility challenges will vary based on the trail you choose. We'd especially appreciate you helping us out if you are an adventurer who understands accessibility challenges of any kind.  This is a large part of the trail description that we are hoping to include.

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